Busting Ebike Myths

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions out there about electric bikes. They are still a new concept to a lot of people out there, and that’s perfectly okay. That’s why we’re here to hopefully provide some clarity on the subject. We chose the most common misconceptions we get on the daily about Ebikes, and we want to provide some answers. We’re going to talk about five of these myths.

MYTH: Ebikes are cheating!

FACT: Not cheating, empowering! Ebikes get more people riding--more often, faster, longer, and it’s just more...funner. For older riders, those who are dealing with a past injury, or those with health issues e-bikes provide an important opportunity to just get out and ride. 

MYTH: I’m going to exercise less!

FACT: We understand where you’re coming from, the logic makes sense. “An electric motor means less pedaling and therefore less exercise.” But in reality, electric bikes expand opportunities to ride. We always say that an hour on an ebike is the SAME as an hour on a regular bike in terms of exercise, but the ebike rider will just have made it 3 or 4 times as far, and definitely had more fun. 

MYTH: They’re dangerous

FACT: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration we know that when faced with car traffic, pedestrians have nearly 8 times the fatality rate of bikers. While the amount of data collected on ebikes is still getting there, it’s hard to say that riding an ebike to work is more dangerous than driving, walking or riding a regular bike. If anything, it’s safer. Riding an ebike in the city allows the rider to pick up to speed with traffic if needed. 

MYTH: They’re too expensive

FACT: Yes, the average cost of an ebike is around $3000 and there is no debate that they require an initial investment. The majority of the cost consists of technology and integrating the battery, motor and software installed into the bike cleverly and efficiently. But let’s make some comparisons. The average cost of car ownership is around $8500 every year. For many of us urban dwellers like here in Honolulu, we are starting to use cars less and less than we used to. We think owning an electric bike and avoiding gas, parking, insurance, and all the other shit is well, well worth it. 

MYTH: The technology is new and unstable 

FACT: The ebike market has skyrocketed over the last 5 years. While it used to be hard to spot an ebike on the street or a place to ride one, you can most likely find an electric bike shop close to your home and the industry’s top manufacturers are now in the game. Bulls, Haibike, Reise & Muller, EasyMotion, CUBE, Brompton. Reliable technology, warranty, and support = stress free investment. 

That said, research is absolutely a crucial step in the process of buying an ebike. Like buying a car, know where your bike is coming from, how it was made, and trust the manufacturer before you buy. For more info on finding the perfect ride for YOU, check out our Buyer’s Guide!

Got questions? Leave a comment below, we got answers!

CUBE Electric Bikes!

We know what you’re probably thinking. Another brand from Germany?? We couldn’t resist. CUBE has been one of the big electric bike players in the European for quite some time now. And as many of your already know, electric bikes are huge in Europe! We’re talking mega huge. To be quite honest, we would love to see the American market follow suit… but that’s another topic, for another day. Back to CUBE! What can we say. Just about the slickest integration of Bosch motor and battery systems we have seen to date. In their entire lineup (currently 40+ models), every single bike uses some variation of the Bosch system.

To be quite honest, there are plenty of quality Ebike drive systems out there on the market. Yamaha, Brose, Shimano, etc Performance wise, most are neck and neck with their upper end systems. So why do we love CUBE’s choice of exclusively using Bosch systems in their entire lineup? As Hawaii’s premier electric bike shop, we are not only interested in the performance of the systems themselves (and how they compare to each other), but the warranty and long term support. Especially living in Hawaii, and limitations in place on shipping lithium batteries, this becomes even more important. Bosch has proven to be one of the best supported systems in our experience, with quality diagnostic software and a US based distributor for all parts related to their systems. Thanks Bosch, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Moving along, the next thing we love about the CUBE lineup is their design & aesthetic. Simply some of the best styling we have seen. It’s minimal with not only the mechanical design but the graphic work as well. Their signature cut off cube emblem on the top tube and model branding is too sick! Currently we are stocked up on the Reaction (hard tail model), Stereo 140 (full suspension emtb), and town sport models. Come check ‘em out at our Honolulu Store!


Connected Dunn City & Dunn Drive

It’s no secret that we love compact / folding bikes. One of the most well received electric compact bikes in Hawaii was the A2B Kuo+. As a staple of our lineup for years, the Kuo sported a durable (yet friendly) industrial design, a comfortable upright seated position, full fenders, rear rack, built in lights, and a peppy rear hub motor, and a throttle option (in addition to pedal asssit). It was easy to mount & ride for people of all sizes, from sub 5 foot riders to 6 foot plus. A bike for everyone, if you will.

Fast forward a few years- we now have the privilege fo introducing the DunnCity & DunnDrive by Connected Labs. We are the one and only retailer in all of the United States currently selling these two models! They are the spiritual successors of the highly acclaimed A2B Kuo+ model. Lucky for us, our sister company in Korea (Connected Labs) has taken over production with two very much improved models. These 20” folding bikes are some of the best we have seen on the market and we are proud to to introduce them first to the Hawaii market.

The Dunn City is upgraded from head to toe with a larger 14ah battery (compared to the 8.8ah kuo+ battery), solid metal battery mount (no more broken plastic!), front & rear disc brakes, front suspension, improved electronics & a more powerful motor. Top speed is now at a whopping 24mph on pedal assist- insane! Phew, that is certainly a lot of upgrades. The only compromise that was made on this new model is the lack of a rear rack, however it can be added on afterwards. For a hands on review, check out our Youtube Video below!

As if the DunnCity wasn’t enough of an upgrade, Connected has really outdone themselves with an all new mid-drive model, the DunnDrive! Building off the same platform, the DunnDrive sets itself apart with an all new mid-drive system by Vinka. Extremely powerful, we have tested this drive system to reach speeds of up to 28mph! Yes that’s right, its basically on par with your “class 3” full sized Ebike speed pedalecs. We haven’t seen anything with this form factor and size reach anywhere near those speeds and torque. Speaking of torque, the DunnDrive is an insane hill climber with enough torque to get you up the steepest of hills. It does have an upgraded drivetrain as well (Shimano 10 speed system) in order to take full advantage of the mid-drive’s benefits.

Unagi Electric Scooter

Introducing an all new product category. The electric Scooter has arrived! Yes it’s taken us awhile. We have seen a lot on the roads between the failed Lime scooters that launched briefly in Honolulu, folks who purchased them directly online through retails which may or may not be a able to ship to Hawaii (once again due to the lithium battery). One thing is for sure, the electric scooter has its place in the transportation game and we have decided to jump in!

The Unagi electric scooter is a product that we would be proud to own and ride ourselves. The design is second to none with an aesthetic that could be sold straight from an Apple store. Aside from its looks, the Unagi is POWERFUL. Dual hub motors nominally rated at 450watts, and a peak output of a whopping 900 watts. That is serious hill climbing power. To compare, the most powerful single motor scooters peak out at around 500-600w.

It’s also surprisingly light, at under 25lbs for the dual motor variant- thanks to the aluminum deck, carbon fiber neck, and magnesium handlebars. The folding latch is also dead simple to use, and is the best we have seen in the industry. For the $1100 price point scooter (mid-range to premium category, yes there are “high performance” electric scooters reaching the $2,000 price point), we feel that Unagi has hit the mark on this one. Additional features include built in head light, tail light, purpose built airless tires, and a built in horn.

Check out our photos, and quick first take youtube video for more info!

Riese & Muller - A Cut Above

Yes, the rumors are true. Your friendly neighborhood electric bike shop is now the official Riese & Muller dealer of Hawaii. We first set eyes on R&M several years ago during our first Euro Bike expedition. The sheer size of the Euro Bike convention blew us away, however we could not help but notice Riese & Muller (from Germany) as one brand that stood out from the rest of the pack. Truly a cut above, R&M builds their electric bikes with absolutely no compromises. Quality, quality, quality. From the very first dual Bosch battery systems to their mid-drives paired with internally geared hubs, full suspension comfort bikes, award winning front loading electric cargo bikes (with full suspension), & so much more, we knew at first sight that one day we would have to carry the R&M brand at our humble shop. Well, the day is finally here and our first round of pre-orders are in! Stay tuned for more updates & content with the absolutely to die for electric bike brand that is Riese & Muller.

To see our current stock, please visit: http://ebikeshawaii.com/riese-muller/
For the company homepage and custom configuration of your new R&M bike, please visit: https://www.r-m.de/en-us/
For any additional questions, please call or email us: Ebikeshawaii contact

The Multi Charger Cargo Bike

The Multi Charger Cargo Bike

The Nevo. Low step comfort. Bosch mid-drive combined with the internally geared rear hub.

The Nevo. Low step comfort. Bosch mid-drive combined with the internally geared rear hub.

The Tinker. Compact, elegant, powerful.

The Tinker. Compact, elegant, powerful.

The Delite. Dual Bosch batteries. Full suspension, fenders, rear rack, and integrated lights.

The Delite. Dual Bosch batteries. Full suspension, fenders, rear rack, and integrated lights.