Connected Dunn City & Dunn Drive

It’s no secret that we love compact / folding bikes. One of the most well received electric compact bikes in Hawaii was the A2B Kuo+. As a staple of our lineup for years, the Kuo sported a durable (yet friendly) industrial design, a comfortable upright seated position, full fenders, rear rack, built in lights, and a peppy rear hub motor, and a throttle option (in addition to pedal asssit). It was easy to mount & ride for people of all sizes, from sub 5 foot riders to 6 foot plus. A bike for everyone, if you will.

Fast forward a few years- we now have the privilege fo introducing the DunnCity & DunnDrive by Connected Labs. We are the one and only retailer in all of the United States currently selling these two models! They are the spiritual successors of the highly acclaimed A2B Kuo+ model. Lucky for us, our sister company in Korea (Connected Labs) has taken over production with two very much improved models. These 20” folding bikes are some of the best we have seen on the market and we are proud to to introduce them first to the Hawaii market.

The Dunn City is upgraded from head to toe with a larger 14ah battery (compared to the 8.8ah kuo+ battery), solid metal battery mount (no more broken plastic!), front & rear disc brakes, front suspension, improved electronics & a more powerful motor. Top speed is now at a whopping 24mph on pedal assist- insane! Phew, that is certainly a lot of upgrades. The only compromise that was made on this new model is the lack of a rear rack, however it can be added on afterwards. For a hands on review, check out our Youtube Video below!

As if the DunnCity wasn’t enough of an upgrade, Connected has really outdone themselves with an all new mid-drive model, the DunnDrive! Building off the same platform, the DunnDrive sets itself apart with an all new mid-drive system by Vinka. Extremely powerful, we have tested this drive system to reach speeds of up to 28mph! Yes that’s right, its basically on par with your “class 3” full sized Ebike speed pedalecs. We haven’t seen anything with this form factor and size reach anywhere near those speeds and torque. Speaking of torque, the DunnDrive is an insane hill climber with enough torque to get you up the steepest of hills. It does have an upgraded drivetrain as well (Shimano 10 speed system) in order to take full advantage of the mid-drive’s benefits.