Ebike VS Moped: Which one is the option for you?

A common question we're asked is whether an e-bike is better than a moped. We think the answer completely depends on you, your style, and your day-to-day. We did put our heads together and came up with an all inclusive guide to which method of transportation is best for you! In this video, we’ll talk about some comparisons such as speed, range, cost, licensing, registration, and others you may be curious about. We’re not bashing mopeds here, just an honest, simple comparison and some helpful information.

Outside Brand Fuffilment

With the growing number of direct to consumer brands / products available on the market, we would like to assist customers in Hawaii who are interested in purchasing bikes that are not available through local dealers.

Typically brands such as RAD Power Bikes & JUICED Bikes which are direct to consumer charge upwards of $4-500 on shipping for a single bike to Hawaii! Not to mention it can be very difficult coordinating the shipping logistics to begin with. Most mainland companies are a bit clueless in this department with transporting large lithium batteries to Hawaii. The bikes will still need assembly upon arrival which can also be a task without proper tools and equipment as electric bikes are much heavier than your typical acoustic bike. You certainly want things properly assembled and tuned before hitting the road.

Your friendly neighborhood electric bike store can assist you with our new Outside Brand Fulfillment program. Let us handle the Shipping, assembly, and long term support for the bike of your dreams. We simplify the whole process for you by making it easy from ordering to pickup. Just reach out to us and let us know which bike you are interested in, and we will take care of the rest!

Below are some of the most popular direct to consumer brands / bikes that we can help you bring to Hawaii.

Rad Power Bikes

JUICED Electric Bikes

SUR Ron Ebike by Luna Cycle

Busting Ebike Myths

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions out there about electric bikes. They are still a new concept to a lot of people out there, and that’s perfectly okay. That’s why we’re here to hopefully provide some clarity on the subject. We chose the most common misconceptions we get on the daily about Ebikes, and we want to provide some answers. We’re going to talk about five of these myths.

MYTH: Ebikes are cheating!

FACT: Not cheating, empowering! Ebikes get more people riding--more often, faster, longer, and it’s just more...funner. For older riders, those who are dealing with a past injury, or those with health issues e-bikes provide an important opportunity to just get out and ride. 

MYTH: I’m going to exercise less!

FACT: We understand where you’re coming from, the logic makes sense. “An electric motor means less pedaling and therefore less exercise.” But in reality, electric bikes expand opportunities to ride. We always say that an hour on an ebike is the SAME as an hour on a regular bike in terms of exercise, but the ebike rider will just have made it 3 or 4 times as far, and definitely had more fun. 

MYTH: They’re dangerous

FACT: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration we know that when faced with car traffic, pedestrians have nearly 8 times the fatality rate of bikers. While the amount of data collected on ebikes is still getting there, it’s hard to say that riding an ebike to work is more dangerous than driving, walking or riding a regular bike. If anything, it’s safer. Riding an ebike in the city allows the rider to pick up to speed with traffic if needed. 

MYTH: They’re too expensive

FACT: Yes, the average cost of an ebike is around $3000 and there is no debate that they require an initial investment. The majority of the cost consists of technology and integrating the battery, motor and software installed into the bike cleverly and efficiently. But let’s make some comparisons. The average cost of car ownership is around $8500 every year. For many of us urban dwellers like here in Honolulu, we are starting to use cars less and less than we used to. We think owning an electric bike and avoiding gas, parking, insurance, and all the other shit is well, well worth it. 

MYTH: The technology is new and unstable 

FACT: The ebike market has skyrocketed over the last 5 years. While it used to be hard to spot an ebike on the street or a place to ride one, you can most likely find an electric bike shop close to your home and the industry’s top manufacturers are now in the game. Bulls, Haibike, Reise & Muller, EasyMotion, CUBE, Brompton. Reliable technology, warranty, and support = stress free investment. 

That said, research is absolutely a crucial step in the process of buying an ebike. Like buying a car, know where your bike is coming from, how it was made, and trust the manufacturer before you buy. For more info on finding the perfect ride for YOU, check out our Buyer’s Guide!

Got questions? Leave a comment below, we got answers!

CUBE Electric Bikes!

We know what you’re probably thinking. Another brand from Germany?? We couldn’t resist. CUBE has been one of the big electric bike players in the European for quite some time now. And as many of your already know, electric bikes are huge in Europe! We’re talking mega huge. To be quite honest, we would love to see the American market follow suit… but that’s another topic, for another day. Back to CUBE! What can we say. Just about the slickest integration of Bosch motor and battery systems we have seen to date. In their entire lineup (currently 40+ models), every single bike uses some variation of the Bosch system.

To be quite honest, there are plenty of quality Ebike drive systems out there on the market. Yamaha, Brose, Shimano, etc Performance wise, most are neck and neck with their upper end systems. So why do we love CUBE’s choice of exclusively using Bosch systems in their entire lineup? As Hawaii’s premier electric bike shop, we are not only interested in the performance of the systems themselves (and how they compare to each other), but the warranty and long term support. Especially living in Hawaii, and limitations in place on shipping lithium batteries, this becomes even more important. Bosch has proven to be one of the best supported systems in our experience, with quality diagnostic software and a US based distributor for all parts related to their systems. Thanks Bosch, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Moving along, the next thing we love about the CUBE lineup is their design & aesthetic. Simply some of the best styling we have seen. It’s minimal with not only the mechanical design but the graphic work as well. Their signature cut off cube emblem on the top tube and model branding is too sick! Currently we are stocked up on the Reaction (hard tail model), Stereo 140 (full suspension emtb), and town sport models. Come check ‘em out at our Honolulu Store!


Haibike Radius Tour

Coming in hot! The Radius Tour is one very cool little ebike. It comes from the German brand Haibike, and quality is top notch. We are a huge fan of its compact form factor and understated matte black aesthetic. As most of you probably already know, we love compact Ebikes here and the Radius fits right in. With limited space in Honolulu, traffic, and parking woes, smaller bikes just fit easier. Need to carry it up a flight of stairs? Into the elevator? Stash it in your car? Much easier than a full size bike for sure.

It’s fully featured with fenders, a sturdy rear rack, and integrated lights. One of the coolest features is the Shimano Nexus internally geared hub paired with the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor. No slapping derailleur, no moving chain through the gears. It’s as seamless as can be, allowing riders to “shift on the fly” from low to high, without even pedaling. What’s also great about this system is how clean it is- there’s just 1 cog on the back and 1 on the front, giving the bike a truly minimal aesthetic. Yet another benefit is its super low maintenance, as we rarely are in need to service internally geared hubs here at the shop.

Overall the Radius is a pleasure to ride. The Schwalbe Big Ben tires grip the pavement well, and the Shimano hydraulic brakes provide ample braking power. The power transfer is super efficient and direct- with the Nexus hub as the icing on the cake. It really is the perfect around town bike with no limitations on how steep you can climb. Live up St. Louis Drive? Makakilo? The Radius shoots right up with ease. Need to commute to downtown and stash it in your office? No worries! Come try the Radius at either our Honolulu or Kapolei stores, we hope you love it as much as we do.


Connected Dunn City & Dunn Drive

It’s no secret that we love compact / folding bikes. One of the most well received electric compact bikes in Hawaii was the A2B Kuo+. As a staple of our lineup for years, the Kuo sported a durable (yet friendly) industrial design, a comfortable upright seated position, full fenders, rear rack, built in lights, and a peppy rear hub motor, and a throttle option (in addition to pedal asssit). It was easy to mount & ride for people of all sizes, from sub 5 foot riders to 6 foot plus. A bike for everyone, if you will.

Fast forward a few years- we now have the privilege fo introducing the DunnCity & DunnDrive by Connected Labs. We are the one and only retailer in all of the United States currently selling these two models! They are the spiritual successors of the highly acclaimed A2B Kuo+ model. Lucky for us, our sister company in Korea (Connected Labs) has taken over production with two very much improved models. These 20” folding bikes are some of the best we have seen on the market and we are proud to to introduce them first to the Hawaii market.

The Dunn City is upgraded from head to toe with a larger 14ah battery (compared to the 8.8ah kuo+ battery), solid metal battery mount (no more broken plastic!), front & rear disc brakes, front suspension, improved electronics & a more powerful motor. Top speed is now at a whopping 24mph on pedal assist- insane! Phew, that is certainly a lot of upgrades. The only compromise that was made on this new model is the lack of a rear rack, however it can be added on afterwards. For a hands on review, check out our Youtube Video below!

As if the DunnCity wasn’t enough of an upgrade, Connected has really outdone themselves with an all new mid-drive model, the DunnDrive! Building off the same platform, the DunnDrive sets itself apart with an all new mid-drive system by Vinka. Extremely powerful, we have tested this drive system to reach speeds of up to 28mph! Yes that’s right, its basically on par with your “class 3” full sized Ebike speed pedalecs. We haven’t seen anything with this form factor and size reach anywhere near those speeds and torque. Speaking of torque, the DunnDrive is an insane hill climber with enough torque to get you up the steepest of hills. It does have an upgraded drivetrain as well (Shimano 10 speed system) in order to take full advantage of the mid-drive’s benefits.

Unagi Electric Scooter

Introducing an all new product category. The electric Scooter has arrived! Yes it’s taken us awhile. We have seen a lot on the roads between the failed Lime scooters that launched briefly in Honolulu, folks who purchased them directly online through retails which may or may not be a able to ship to Hawaii (once again due to the lithium battery). One thing is for sure, the electric scooter has its place in the transportation game and we have decided to jump in!

The Unagi electric scooter is a product that we would be proud to own and ride ourselves. The design is second to none with an aesthetic that could be sold straight from an Apple store. Aside from its looks, the Unagi is POWERFUL. Dual hub motors nominally rated at 450watts, and a peak output of a whopping 900 watts. That is serious hill climbing power. To compare, the most powerful single motor scooters peak out at around 500-600w.

It’s also surprisingly light, at under 25lbs for the dual motor variant- thanks to the aluminum deck, carbon fiber neck, and magnesium handlebars. The folding latch is also dead simple to use, and is the best we have seen in the industry. For the $1100 price point scooter (mid-range to premium category, yes there are “high performance” electric scooters reaching the $2,000 price point), we feel that Unagi has hit the mark on this one. Additional features include built in head light, tail light, purpose built airless tires, and a built in horn.

Check out our photos, and quick first take youtube video for more info!

Riese & Muller - A Cut Above

Yes, the rumors are true. Your friendly neighborhood electric bike shop is now the official Riese & Muller dealer of Hawaii. We first set eyes on R&M several years ago during our first Euro Bike expedition. The sheer size of the Euro Bike convention blew us away, however we could not help but notice Riese & Muller (from Germany) as one brand that stood out from the rest of the pack. Truly a cut above, R&M builds their electric bikes with absolutely no compromises. Quality, quality, quality. From the very first dual Bosch battery systems to their mid-drives paired with internally geared hubs, full suspension comfort bikes, award winning front loading electric cargo bikes (with full suspension), & so much more, we knew at first sight that one day we would have to carry the R&M brand at our humble shop. Well, the day is finally here and our first round of pre-orders are in! Stay tuned for more updates & content with the absolutely to die for electric bike brand that is Riese & Muller.

To see our current stock, please visit: http://ebikeshawaii.com/riese-muller/
For the company homepage and custom configuration of your new R&M bike, please visit: https://www.r-m.de/en-us/
For any additional questions, please call or email us: Ebikeshawaii contact

The Multi Charger Cargo Bike

The Multi Charger Cargo Bike

The Nevo. Low step comfort. Bosch mid-drive combined with the internally geared rear hub.

The Nevo. Low step comfort. Bosch mid-drive combined with the internally geared rear hub.

The Tinker. Compact, elegant, powerful.

The Tinker. Compact, elegant, powerful.

The Delite. Dual Bosch batteries. Full suspension, fenders, rear rack, and integrated lights.

The Delite. Dual Bosch batteries. Full suspension, fenders, rear rack, and integrated lights.

New Raleigh & iZip Bikes!

Check out our first quick take on the Raleigh Cadent 28mph Speed Pedalec Electric Bike! Highlight features include fenders, integrated lightning, rear rack, and throttle add on capability! This is the follow up to our highly popular iZip Dash model.

Fresh batch of new Raleigh / iZip comfort bikes has arrived! Just in time for the holidays, the Sprite / Vibe models are perfect for your every day cruising needs. For 2019 they have updated the battery design (now centrally located on the downtube) giving the bike overall better balance and ride quality. Swept back adjustable handlebars keep you upright, and the rear rack is built right into the frame for strength and utility. The Sprite / Vibe is powered by a powerful 48 volt TranzX mid-drive system capable of climbing the steepest hills on Oahu! Stop by either our Honolulu or Kapolei stores for a test ride.

For more info please visit: http://ebikeshawaii.com/comfort-cruiser/

Now onto the photos!

IMG_4600 (1).jpeg
IMG_4604 (1).jpeg

BULLS Bikes Chargers Oahu

We are excited to announce the addition of Bulls Electric Bikes to our lineup! Bulls is an awesome brand from Germany at the forefront of electric bikes, and has carved out a named for itself in the electric mountain bike industry. Offering a wide array of motors systems, our customers will now be able to choose from bikes equipped with the highly rated Brose (Brose S & Brose S MAG) motor systems, as well as the coveted Shimano E8000 series Mtb motors.

In addition to these exciting new drive systems, Bulls also offers bikes with industry leading range. The current lineup pairs the Brose motors with high capacity 630 watt batteries. Keep in mind, batteries currently offered by other manufacturers range anywhere between the 400 watt hour and 500 watt hour range. Further more, motor & battery integration is some of the sleekest we have seen on the market. To the untrained eye, you may not even notice it’s an electric bike!

Tightly integrated Brose motor with 630 watt hour battery

Tightly integrated Brose motor with 630 watt hour battery

Same tightly integrated Brose system, but with full suspension!

Same tightly integrated Brose system, but with full suspension!

The Brose system is also known for its extremely smooth and quiet activation (due to its internal belt drive). For anybody looking for a truly stealth electric bike, or who wants something with tremendous range on a single charge, the current lineup of Brose powered Bulls bikes is a truly exceptional option.

Just added! The Six 50+ E FS2. Bosch CX powered full suspension (120mm travel) all around ripper!

Just added! The Six 50+ E FS2. Bosch CX powered full suspension (120mm travel) all around ripper!

New All Mtn & Nduro Haibikes are Here!

First ride on the All Mtn 6.0!

First ride on the All Mtn 6.0!

The highly anticipated PW-X powered All Mtn Haibike has hit the shelves! Building off of one of our more popular Haibike models of the previous year, the new all mtn has been updated with slacker geometry, a longer top tube, plus wheels/tires, and of course the all new Yamaha motor.

Re-wind one year and the Bosch Performance Line CX motor was our number 1 pick for performance. And it also came with a price point to match that high end performance. Bosch being one of the biggest names in the game provided an outstanding product for the masses and has been adopted by many manufacturer's as their flagship ebike mid-drive system.

The previous PW system by Yamaha gave us a more affordable alternative while still giving us about 90% (give or take) of the performance of the Bosch system. For casual riders, this performance gap may be a complete non issue as the PW was still plenty capable. A few advantages that the more affordable Yamaha did have over the Bosch however was its increased range / efficiency & no drag from the motor when pedaling (with the power turned off).

Fast-forward to today and we now have the direct competitor to the Bosch CX performance line, the Yamaha PW-X. Power has been increased. The motor/system itself has shaved weight, making it one of the best if not the best weight to power ratio systems in its class. The cranks have been upgraded from square taper to ISIS, and ratcheting of the engagement has been dramatically reduced. The display has been updated as well with its new EXPW (expert) power mode.

Our initial thoughts on this system are very positive. Although the Bosch CX does seem to edge out the PW-X in high cadence power, the difference is now very marginal. However the smooth power application, efficiency (range), and new display are things that we do like more on the Yamaha side. You really can't go wrong with either option, and the All Mtn 6.0 priced at $4400 makes it a very compelling alternative to its Bosch counterparts.


Good things come to those who wait. The top of the line Nduro model by Haibike (10.5) has arrived. For all of you long travel emtb fans out there, the 10.5 sacrifices nothing in the performance department. At the heart of the beast- the Bosch Performance Line CX system with Purion display & 500 watt hour battery. Front and rear suspension is done by Rock Shox pairing the Vivid Air with the world renowned Lyric fork up front. eThirteen cranks, SRAM EX1 drivetrain, and DT Swiss Boost wheels with wide rims round out the profile. Magic Mary 2.6's for rubber. Magura MT7 short lever brakes... we are running out of breath here. Bottom line is the bike is trick'd out from head to toe. Pretty much have no excuse as to why you're not going any faster downhill or climbing with more ease. The 10.5 does it all. And now on to some photos...


Haibike SDURO Fat Six 6.0 Lands on Oahu

26x4" tires. Air pressures in the single digits. A silent, efficient & powerful Yamaha mid-drive system. The Fat Six 6.0 lands on Oahu smashing everything in its path. All the benefits of a fat bike without the downside of compromised rolling resistance. In this video we tested this model in various locations including Kauai's north shore. Hawaii + electric fat bike = butter.

New URBAN Plus with COBI Smartphone System

The all new Haibike Urban Plus Electric Bike has arrived! A little bit different than what we are used to from Haibike (mostly known for their high performance off road mountain bikes) but they really hit it out of the park on this one. The Urban Plus features an ultra sleek design from head to toe. Integrated down-tube battery, TranzX M25 mid-drive system, integrated fenders & lights and rear rack. The drive system is very powerful and is rated at 500 watts (high wattage rating for a mid-drive). Battery is at 500 watt hours at 48 volts. Speeds can reach up to 28mph making this a "speed pedalec" ebike. Bike components are also decently high end, featuring a crispy Shimano XT derailleur and Tektro Dorado hydraulic disc brakes. Wheels are a friendly 27.5" platform wrapped in very nice Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires. All high quality stuff wrapped up into a very clean package.

The real icing on the cake here is that the Urban Plus comes pre equipped with the fully smartphone integrated COBI system (see youtube video above for more details). This system alone costs around $500, so having it come with the bike out of the box adds tremendous value. The COBI (Connected Bike System) puts you and your smartphone as the center hub of your electric bike. Just download the app from the App Store (compatible with both Android and iPhone) and you're ready to go. There is a built in cradle at the mid point of the handle bars enabling you to insert any smart phone of your choice. Once you power on the bike, it will automatically sync up with your app and you're good to go. The left thumb pad will control the assist level as well as cycling through the menu. Essentially all of the features can be accessed with just the left thumb pad, allowing you to have full control while riding your bike.

GPS & offline maps are built in, allowing you to navigate directly from your hub. Input your destination and COBI will let you know which assist levels will be preferred for your distance. The fitness tab adds your body metrics (KCAL) in addition to heart rate with external sensors. RPM & cadence are built directly into the system. In addition, COBI can remotely control your music allowing you to skip tracks & adjust volume on the fly. 

And last but not least, one of our favorite features of the system is its built in alarm. Yes you heard us, a built in anti theft system! Just press the lower left lock icon in your app to lock your bike. If the bike gets tampered with, or moved without unlocking first, an internal alarm will sound off warding off any potential thieves. This features in addition to using a traditional lock should minimize any threats of your new bike getting stolen.

Go ahead and check out our youtube video review (posted above) or come by our store to go for a test ride! We are certain you will be just as blown away as we were with the Urban Plus!

SDURO Hard Four 4.0

Haibike SDURO Hard Four 4.0

Haibike SDURO Hard Four 4.0

Introducing the Haibike SDURO Hard Four 4.0. Priced at a cool $1499, this is by far the best electric bike we have ever offered at an affordable price. Featuring the same rock solid Yamaha PW mid-drive motor found in all of the full size electric mountain bikes, this little compact bike rips! 24" wheels and low standover height make this bike perfect for anybody up to 5 ft 10. It's small enough to stash away in your house, apartment, condo, work office, car, anywhere! Take it down to the beach, commute to campus- this little guy does it all.

Haibike SDURO Hard Four 4.0

Haibike SDURO Hard Four 4.0

A Haibike's Paradise

In a land far, far away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, lies an untouched landscape of tall green mountains, a pristine turquoise ocean, and a place you can ride your electric mountain bike to your heart's content.

Ka'ena Point Trail is located on the western side of our beautiful island of Oahu. It is an unpaved, yet, ridable path that will lead you on a journey that would seem straight out of the a Jurassic Park movie. This trail is fun to ride on our Haibike rental bikes. 
West of Waianae, the trailhead begins at the farthest side of Ka‘ena Point State Park where the paved parking lot ends. You can ride ebikes or walk for 2.4 miles to Ka‘ena Point Natural Area Reserve.

At the end of your journey on the unpaved path, you will come to a gated area which the state of Hawaii has set up as a Natural Area Reserve. Here lives nesting Laysan Albatross, Hawaiian monk seals, and many other native Hawaiian vegetation and critters. 

If you're looking to get off the beaten path, are a semi-experienced ebike rider, and want to experience this trail for yourself, give us a call and we can hook you up with our high-quality Haibikes and some local insider tips for your journey. 
Please check the local weather report before heading out to Kaena Point. Riding in the rain is very difficult and conditions can become muddy.
Contact Hawai'I State Parks for trail conditions
(808) 587-0300
We recommend early morning rides since the sun gets hot on the west side of the island, and bring lots of sun protection and water.
Helmets are highly recommended as the trail can be rocky/ semi-rough terrain.

Our Haibike Rentals start at $80.00 per day and will allow you to ride up to 40 miles on a single battery.
Call us for more information!


Black Friday Weekend at Ebikes Hawaii

This weekend only

Come on by your friendly neighborhood electric bike shop for some great deals this weekend. Bikes, parts & accessories will be discounted.

2017 Brompton's are now 5% off with an additional
$100 cash back limited offer by Brompton or bag accessory
2017 Haibike Hard Seven 4.0 - now $2499 (from $2799)
2016 Haibike Cross SM - $1899 (from $2199)
2016 Haibike Cross SL - $2099 (from $2799)
2016 Haibike Full Suspension Demos - starting at $2999
Raleigh Retro Glide now $1999 (from $2199)
Bern helmets up to 20% off
Ebike parts & accessories 15% off

Introducing the 2017 iZip Dash

2017 iZip Dash 28mph City Commuter

2017 iZip Dash 28mph City Commuter

The 2017 iZip Dash has arrived! Yes, we are well into 2017 but hey- thats how we do it out here in Hawaii. The Dash is no stranger to our lineup of electric bikes. In fact it has been a staple and one of our most popular speedy commuters to date. Starting back in 2015, the Dash sported a 500watt rear hub drive with mechanical brakes and did not come with any add-ons. Fast forward to 2017 and boy have things changed.

To start, the Dash was reintroduced in 2016 with a 350 watt TranzX mid-drive system. Mid drives have become more and more popular over the years with manufactures. Their benefits include a more balanced platform, standard front & rear wheels (much easier to do maintenance, flat repairs, etc.), mechanical leverage on all of the gears, improved hill climbing ability, better efficiency, & more. The voltage remains at 48, allowing the the bike to still reach speeds of up to 28mph while now having much greater climbing ability. The Dash then came standard with fenders, a sturdy rear rack, and integrated lighting. What a package!

Now in 2017 the Dash has been updated yet again. More subtle this time with improved lighting, a new color scheme, upgraded front fork (now Rock Shox) & updated drivetrain. The bike now sports a new sleek downtime battery that sits snugly inside the downtime (where as previous year models were more "bolted on"). Water bottle mounts have been included and are greatly appreciated. Perhaps the biggest change is the raw aluminum frame color which simply looks badass. Raw finishes are normally priced at a premium. However the 2017 Dash remains a great value priced at $2599. 

Is commuting on an Ebike Safer?

City commuting on an electric bike! Looks like it could be downtown Honolulu...

City commuting on an electric bike! Looks like it could be downtown Honolulu...

Ah yes, the age old question. Is commuting on an electric bicycle actually safer than a regular pedal bike? The answer folks, for many people can actually be yes. Riding an electric bike for commuting purposes can many times be safer than only being propelled by human power alone. How can this be, you may ask? How can a bicycle with an electric motor actually be safer than riding along with my own two legs?

The answer lies within the heavy traffic roads of Oahu and steep elevation that many riders encounter when riding their bikes. As lovely as Oahu is, there is no denying the congested roads. For many of us commuting to work on a bicycle means avoiding dangerous traffic. To make matters worse, when climbing steep hills, the speed of a bicycle and the flow of traffic tends to spread further apart. Cars start whizzing by and making riders feel even more vulnerable. 

Lets look at the big picture here. An electric bicycle can be much safer (especially for less experienced riders) for commuting as it allows them to more easily ride at the flow of traffic. No more holding up a huge line of cars when climbing hills, and maintaining 20+ mph over long distances gives riders the confidence they need to actually choose riding a bike over driving their cars. The assist also allows for faster acceleration from a stop. Again allowing riders to more easily go with the flow of traffic instead of holding up angry commuters behind the wheel.

Here at Ebikes Hawaii we believe an electric bicycle to be the ultimate car replacement. We like to think outside the 4 wheel'd box. Think about how many Ebikes could fit into one parking stall, or how much less traffic we would have on our roads if more drivers would consider riding an assist bike to work or run errands. We feel it is our personal duty to educate each and every person on the benefits of an electric bicycle and how it can help shape our future. Mahalo!

2016 Haibike Yamaha SDURO Closeout!

Welcome to the electric mountain bike revolution! Our pedal assisted e-mtb's by Haibike will leave you with an ear to ear smile. Powerful & efficient mid-drive system by Yamaha & Bosch provide incredible performance.

Some benefits of an electric mountain bike are:

Pedal assist - regardless of your skill level, the pedal assist system will allow you to climb hills and ride without being limited by your physical ability. Skilled riders can enter a new sport where motor assistance introduces new skill sets. Despite some nay sayers, maintaining higher speeds with an electric assisted bike on the trail isn't easy- especially at race pace!

Multi purpose - It's no secret that traffic is horrible on Oahu. Rip your Haibike on the trail then use it as a car replacement to get to work. Forget about gas, traffic, noise, insurance, etc. They are just as capable on the road as they are on the trail allowing you to cover serious distances with minimal effort.

Your health - Riding an electric assisted bike in place of driving can have serious improvements on your health. Studies have shown that the best kind of workout for your long term health is moderate sustained & consistant workouts. The pedal assist system gives you full control between zero assist and turbo model. Choose eco, or sport for a light boost.

Fun factor - An electric mountain bike will make you feel like a kid again. No longer are you restricted by your physical ability. Explore the island in a completely new way.

Ebikes Hawaii is Hawaii's exclusive Haibike dealer, offering the best of the Haibike lineup. We are also a certified Bosch service station and have extensive knowledge of the Yamaha system.

We are reaching the end of our 2016 Haibike SDURO Closeouts! Bullet proof Yamaha PW Drive system paired with Haibike's German engineering design and quality make these bikes a winner.

2016 SDURO Cross SM (basic commuter) $2199
2016 SDURO Cross SL (upgraded commuter) $2299
2016 SDURO Trekking RC (premium commuter) $3499

2016 SDURO All Mountain SL Large size only (150mm travel) $2999
2016 SDURO Full Nine RX Small size only $3599

Full nine RX size Small only $3599

Full nine RX size Small only $3599

All mtn SL Large only $2999

All mtn SL Large only $2999

SDURO Cross SM - $2199

SDURO Cross SM - $2199

SDURO Trekking RC - $3499

SDURO Trekking RC - $3499