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You’ve done your research, you know what you want--that ebike has your name on it! You want nothing more than to take it home and ride it into the sunset, but maybe your bank account has other ideas. That’s okay because so do we! Today we’re going to share with you the exciting benefits of our deferred interest financing by Synchrony Financial. Synchrony is an extremely reputable company, formerly GE Capital. Let’s dive in to what we can do for you using this awesome tool.

Who is Synchrony for?

“Our Synchrony system is for anyone who wants an ebike but isnt quite ready to let go of that whole chunk of change right away. Synchrony is for anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • A current U.S. address

  • One primary government issued ID and a secondary ID 

    • State DL

    • State ID

    • Military ID

    • Passport

    • Credit Card (Secondary ID)

  • A U.S. Social Security number (US-SSN), Canadian SIN (Social Insurance Number) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

  • Telephone Number

“The application process is simple and unbelievably quick. So fast and easy that you’ll know you’re approved (and for how much) before you walk out the door!  We like to keep it simple, a one stop shop for you.”

How does the application process work?

When you come visit us and find your dream ebike, we can set you up for Synchrony on the spot. It’s a short and sweet online application that is processed immediately. You’ll be provided a temporary shopping pass, if applicable, and receive your new credit card in 7 to 10 days.

What to Bring?

Just bring two forms of ID (either 2 primaries or 1 primary and 1 secondary like a credit card), that’s all you need!

You’re in… what’s next?

Synchrony offers a few different payment options. 

For the 12 month financing period,, Synchrony offers a deferred interest program. As long as the amount is paid in full by the end of your promotional period of choice, your financing will stay interest free!

For a fixed payment program, a 36 month period is offered. Fixed monthly payments are required with a 9.99% APR. 

Each option has its pros and cons, and you have complete freedom to choose which one is best for YOU!  Come see us a Ebikes Hawaii Honolulu or Kapolei to find out what you’re eligible for today, we’d love to help you bring home the ebike you drool over in your sleep. ;)

Ride the Ebike of your Dreams.

Pay it off over time.

We are proud to offer our customers flexible financing with Synchrony Financial.

Visit or call today to qualify for our zero interest equal payment options, or longer term plans! (Up to 36 months)

808 722 5454 (Honolulu)
808 784 1055 (Kapolei)