Haibike Radius Tour

Coming in hot! The Radius Tour is one very cool little ebike. It comes from the German brand Haibike, and quality is top notch. We are a huge fan of its compact form factor and understated matte black aesthetic. As most of you probably already know, we love compact Ebikes here and the Radius fits right in. With limited space in Honolulu, traffic, and parking woes, smaller bikes just fit easier. Need to carry it up a flight of stairs? Into the elevator? Stash it in your car? Much easier than a full size bike for sure.

It’s fully featured with fenders, a sturdy rear rack, and integrated lights. One of the coolest features is the Shimano Nexus internally geared hub paired with the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor. No slapping derailleur, no moving chain through the gears. It’s as seamless as can be, allowing riders to “shift on the fly” from low to high, without even pedaling. What’s also great about this system is how clean it is- there’s just 1 cog on the back and 1 on the front, giving the bike a truly minimal aesthetic. Yet another benefit is its super low maintenance, as we rarely are in need to service internally geared hubs here at the shop.

Overall the Radius is a pleasure to ride. The Schwalbe Big Ben tires grip the pavement well, and the Shimano hydraulic brakes provide ample braking power. The power transfer is super efficient and direct- with the Nexus hub as the icing on the cake. It really is the perfect around town bike with no limitations on how steep you can climb. Live up St. Louis Drive? Makakilo? The Radius shoots right up with ease. Need to commute to downtown and stash it in your office? No worries! Come try the Radius at either our Honolulu or Kapolei stores, we hope you love it as much as we do.