CUBE Electric Bikes!

We know what you’re probably thinking. Another brand from Germany?? We couldn’t resist. CUBE has been one of the big electric bike players in the European for quite some time now. And as many of your already know, electric bikes are huge in Europe! We’re talking mega huge. To be quite honest, we would love to see the American market follow suit… but that’s another topic, for another day. Back to CUBE! What can we say. Just about the slickest integration of Bosch motor and battery systems we have seen to date. In their entire lineup (currently 40+ models), every single bike uses some variation of the Bosch system.

To be quite honest, there are plenty of quality Ebike drive systems out there on the market. Yamaha, Brose, Shimano, etc Performance wise, most are neck and neck with their upper end systems. So why do we love CUBE’s choice of exclusively using Bosch systems in their entire lineup? As Hawaii’s premier electric bike shop, we are not only interested in the performance of the systems themselves (and how they compare to each other), but the warranty and long term support. Especially living in Hawaii, and limitations in place on shipping lithium batteries, this becomes even more important. Bosch has proven to be one of the best supported systems in our experience, with quality diagnostic software and a US based distributor for all parts related to their systems. Thanks Bosch, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Moving along, the next thing we love about the CUBE lineup is their design & aesthetic. Simply some of the best styling we have seen. It’s minimal with not only the mechanical design but the graphic work as well. Their signature cut off cube emblem on the top tube and model branding is too sick! Currently we are stocked up on the Reaction (hard tail model), Stereo 140 (full suspension emtb), and town sport models. Come check ‘em out at our Honolulu Store!