Busting Ebike Myths

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions out there about electric bikes. They are still a new concept to a lot of people out there, and that’s perfectly okay. That’s why we’re here to hopefully provide some clarity on the subject. We chose the most common misconceptions we get on the daily about Ebikes, and we want to provide some answers. We’re going to talk about five of these myths.

MYTH: Ebikes are cheating!

FACT: Not cheating, empowering! Ebikes get more people riding--more often, faster, longer, and it’s just more...funner. For older riders, those who are dealing with a past injury, or those with health issues e-bikes provide an important opportunity to just get out and ride. 

MYTH: I’m going to exercise less!

FACT: We understand where you’re coming from, the logic makes sense. “An electric motor means less pedaling and therefore less exercise.” But in reality, electric bikes expand opportunities to ride. We always say that an hour on an ebike is the SAME as an hour on a regular bike in terms of exercise, but the ebike rider will just have made it 3 or 4 times as far, and definitely had more fun. 

MYTH: They’re dangerous

FACT: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration we know that when faced with car traffic, pedestrians have nearly 8 times the fatality rate of bikers. While the amount of data collected on ebikes is still getting there, it’s hard to say that riding an ebike to work is more dangerous than driving, walking or riding a regular bike. If anything, it’s safer. Riding an ebike in the city allows the rider to pick up to speed with traffic if needed. 

MYTH: They’re too expensive

FACT: Yes, the average cost of an ebike is around $3000 and there is no debate that they require an initial investment. The majority of the cost consists of technology and integrating the battery, motor and software installed into the bike cleverly and efficiently. But let’s make some comparisons. The average cost of car ownership is around $8500 every year. For many of us urban dwellers like here in Honolulu, we are starting to use cars less and less than we used to. We think owning an electric bike and avoiding gas, parking, insurance, and all the other shit is well, well worth it. 

MYTH: The technology is new and unstable 

FACT: The ebike market has skyrocketed over the last 5 years. While it used to be hard to spot an ebike on the street or a place to ride one, you can most likely find an electric bike shop close to your home and the industry’s top manufacturers are now in the game. Bulls, Haibike, Reise & Muller, EasyMotion, CUBE, Brompton. Reliable technology, warranty, and support = stress free investment. 

That said, research is absolutely a crucial step in the process of buying an ebike. Like buying a car, know where your bike is coming from, how it was made, and trust the manufacturer before you buy. For more info on finding the perfect ride for YOU, check out our Buyer’s Guide!

Got questions? Leave a comment below, we got answers!