First Thing’s First, Why eBikes Hawaii?

Ebikes Hawaii is Hawaii’s premier electric bike store. We specialize 100% in electric bicycles, as it is at the very core of our business. Our team has extensive experience working with Ebikes, and are knowledgeable in sales, service, and continued support for the life of your bike. Our handpicked inventory represents the best of what we have seen in the market. We strive to provide the absolute best experience for you, because it’s important to us that you feel totally comfortable both before and after any purchase.

Now that you have read our “what is an eBike” page, and have a better understanding of what an eBike is and why they are unique, and why people all over the world are increasingly switching to eBikes as their primary mode of transportation, it’s time to start thinking about which one was crafted just for you.

eBikes are divided into 3 primary classes or groups. This was done mainly to help lawmakers decide which is permitted to do what and who can ride them, but it also makes it a bit simpler for us to separate them into easy categories.

Class 1: Class one Ebikes, otherwise known as “pedelecs”, allow the rider to combine human power with a motor in various settings of strength. These bikes will assist the rider up to 20 miles per hour. Some bikes will cap the speed there, other motors like Yamaha and Brose will allow the rider to exceed this purely with leg power. This class of Ebikes is perfect for the around town cruise or commute.

Class 2: This category of Ebikes is commonly referred to as the “power on demand” class. These bikes give the rider the option to use purely leg power, or make the fully motorized bike move on it’s own with a throttle—and everything in between with pedal assist. These Ebikes will also assist up to 20mph.

Class 3: These bikes are the “speed pedelecs”. They are parallel to Class 1 Ebikes in most regards, aside from speed. Class 3’s will assist you up to 28mph and feature up to 750 watt batteries purely for pedal assist purposes. Obviously, this bike is meant for riders who want to achieve higher speeds than 20mph. More than ideal for longer commutes, and for the safety factor of keeping up with city traffic.

The rest of the process of choosing an Ebike depends entirely on you, your plans, commute, and obstacles. Here are some great questions to ask yourself.

  1. How long will my rides be? Should I consider a bike with a bit of extra range?

  2. What type of terrain will I be riding on? Will it be multiple types?

  3. What features are most important to fit into my budget? (EX: full suspension vs battery range)

  4. Does my city have plenty of bike routes/lanes, or do I need something that will allow me to keep up with traffic?

  5. If I’m buying a commuter, do I need something that can handle rougher pavement or potholes?

  6. What kind of cargo will I be carrying and what do I need to carry it? (backpack, front basket, panniers, etc)

  7. Do I need something compact that can come inside of my house or apartment with me, such as a folding bike?

Last but absolutely not least, there is one more thing that you might put some thought into:

“What is my overall goal in purchasing this eBike?”

The answer to that question will be your path to finding your bike! If you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do for ya, we’ve got experts available at our Honolulu & Kapolei stores ready to help!