Ocean Current

Incoming! The Juiced Ocean Current is about to make a huge splash here on Oahu. Starting at just $1499 (Hazmat Shipping fee to Hawaii included), this electric cruiser is one of the most compelling value purchases we have offered to date. Sure there are other inexpensive electric bikes on the market- however Juiced is the only one who has managed to deliver this level of quality at the sub $1500 price point. 

As fate would have it, one of very first products that inspired us to begin our Ebike venture was the Juiced ODK 3 Cargo Bike (see below).

The ODK3 Cargo with it's massive battery range of up to 100 miles distance.

The ODK3 Cargo with it's massive battery range of up to 100 miles distance.

The ODK3 cargo bike was and remains to be a very unique product with incredible value. Some of you may even be familiar with this bike as Honolulu's Domino's Pizza delivery vehicle. Currently 3 locations are using the ODK as their main mode of delivering pizza! 

Tora Harris (owner of Juiced Bikes and former olympic high jumper) has stuck with the value formula that worked so well with the ODK and is now building an army of quality, low priced electric bicycles for everyone to enjoy. We are currently waiting the Ocean Currents to arrive (comes in both low & high step models) and will be acting as sole disturber for Oahu and all outer Hawaiian islands!

We will also be carrying the Cross-Current, Cross-Current Air, and out of this world Hyper-Fat models in the months to come. All of these models come with modular 48v battery systems paired with 500 watt geared hub motors. Plenty of power, speed & range to replace your gas guzzling vehicle. For the enthusiasts, there are upgraded battery options available all the way up to 21 Amp hours. Yes thats right, 21 Amp hours. That means up to 100 miles distance on a single charge. Who needs a car at that point, right?