Here is one tool that will allow you to cheat yourself away from a car.

Here is one tool that will allow you to cheat yourself away from a car.

Every now and then we hear from other "hardcore" bike riders- hey, thats cheating! 

Never has this idea perplexed us more. Let me preface this story by stating that in our experience, the majority of the Ebike community here in Hawaii (and also what we have seen on the mainland) are not your standard, for a lack of a better term, sport bike rider.

No ladies and gentlemen, your average Ebike rider is often times using their wonderful little machine as a TOOL. Just like hard core exercise bike riders use their bicycles as a tool to get their bodies into shape- the Ebiker smartly uses his or her Electric bicycle to efficiently get from point A to point B.

Most importantly, the indigenous Ebiker chooses the electric bike over driving a gas guzzling vehicle. Whereas often time we see the traditional cyclist riding their bike solely for exercise- and then commuting to work on their automobile- the intelligent Ebiker replaces ALL commutes with a single electric bike.

Don't get us wrong, we truly love and respect the idea of a simple light weight and efficient pedal bicycle. We are simply confused at how they are compared to and looked down upon some of those in the "hardcore community." That like using an Abacus (see here) and comparing it to someone using a calculator! Hey that machine is doing the work for you!

Perhaps we should all still be using Rickshaw's (see here) because automobiles that "do the work for us" to get from point A to point B is cheating. The point I am trying to make here is that while Ebikes are certainly something new and super cool (people always react to new things/technology in different ways) they are certainly not the "enemy."

Electric bicycles are efficient, silent, eco-friendly, and most importantly unbelievably FUN to ride. It's like CHEATING- in the best possible way. They are TOOLS that can help enhance our lives, enable riders of different skill levels to use bicycles as functional vehicles in their day to day lives (without destroying the environment).

Anyway, this rant is getting quite long. So I think we will wrap it up here. Long live the Ebike!!!

-Your friendly neighborhood Ebike enthusiast