The Body Float

Charlie of Cirrus Cycles came by this morning to showcase the future of seat posts. The Body Float is truly a revolutionary product!

Rather than acting like a pogo stick, the float allows the bike to move dynamically under the seat, enabling the rider to pre-load his or her weight onto the bike. Traditionalists may find this hard to believe- but it is in essence reverse engineered suspension. This enables the rider to stay more comfortable in the seat while the bike absorbs the high frequency of the road. Paired with a full suspension mountain bike, we can imagine the ride to be smooth as butter.

We field tested our ever so popular Kuo Plus model and the results were fantastic. The ride was incredibly smooth. The benefits will only be magnified when applied to the Ebike platform. High frequency bumps are magnified with the added weight of the battery and motor.

The Body Float starts at $249, carbon fiber at $349 and titanium at $399. Best of all yours truly will soon be an authorized dealer.