The A2B Kuo+ Reviewed

Our favorite bike. Need to hop on and go without the cumbersome size and weight of a full size bike? The Kuo+ really strikes a perfect balances between functionality and portability. We have recommended and sold many of the original Kuo model and feel that the plus is a worthy successor. Integrated lighting, fenders, a rear rack, upgraded power, pedal assist, gearing, frame, components, brakes. the display... need we say more? The Kuo+ was re-designed from the ground up building upon an already very solid platform. 

The greatest advantage of the bike is its portability. It can fit easily in the car or second story compartment. A companion if you will for every occasion. The Plus also tackles hills with ease, as its power upgrade is noteworthy. We have even had riders at 175 lbs pedal assist to the top of St. Louis heights! 

Five levels of pedal assist, a thumb throttle, and higher gear ratios enable full speed control no matter what the terrain. At $1799 we think this is one of the greatest electric bike values on the market today.