Aloha Ebike enthusiasits!

It's been quite some time since our last blog post! But not to worry- we've been working harder than ever to give the best possible Ebike experience to all of our customers on this beautiful island. The new models are in and more and more riders are on the road every day. Remember that each Ebike on the road can potentially replace a car or commute. It really is the future of transportation especially with such limited space on Oahu!

Our Waikiki store is still going strong with iZip (Currie Tech), A2B, and Emotion (Easy Motion USA by BH) as our main contenders. The folding A2B Kuo model has gained much popularity. People seem to love the ease of use, portability, and functionality of the Kuo. Best of all, its full range of adjust-ability can accommodate kids all the way up to 6' plus full grown men. Now that's what we like to call one size fits all! Other popular models include the classic iZip Zuma model (beach cruiser) and Emotion cross style bikes. We are also very excited to have our very first shipment of performance mountain bikes including the Emotion 650B model as well as the 26" Neo Xtrem. Amazing bikes from an amazing brand.

In other news, Ebikes Hawaii has now expanded to the Schofield military base. We are very excited and honored about this development. For all you PX shoppers on the base, make sure to check us out! We are located near the front entrance of the military exchange.