Our new lineup has been filling in these past few weeks and it's time for an update!

To start, the Kuo+ (Kuo Plus) has proved itself as a worthy successor to the already popular A2B Kuo folding bike. The new model now features an improved frame design, upgraded battery pack, 5 levels of pedal assist, integrated lighting system, front and rear fenders, a rear rack, magnetic clasp for folding, upgraded drivetrain, and more. Top speed has been notched up to 19 mph giving this little guy a nice boost.

In addition to the Kuo Plus we are also proud to announce the BESV Panther PS1. Although in a similar form factor as the Kuo, the Panther is in a league of its own- it is the lightest Ebike on the market today. Despite its feather like foot print, the PS1 sports a full suspension modernized design. The frame is made of carbon fiber and components are extremely high end. Powered by Algorhythm, this custom built drive system calculates power needed on given path in addition to optimal power modes. The Panther is indeed the ultimate urban commuter!

Next up is the highly anticipated iZip Dash. With more pre orders than any other bike in our inventory, the Dash proves to be one of the most popular Ebikes on the market today. Sporting a sleek, half matte and gloss finish, this 700c cross style commuter hits its mark. The drivetrain is powered by a powerful 500 watt 48 volt direct drive motor; the battery pack at a respective 48 volts. Pedal assist and throttle modes are all tied into the Ebikes electronics, controlled by a remote switch on the left hand side of the handlebars.

With so many great Ebikes on the market, it's no secret as to why people are choosing them over cars, regular bicycles, or even mopeds. Ebikes are clean, green, and mean!