It's Offical! EbikesHi is now sporting a fleet of all new Stromer ST1 bikes. Touted as one of the nicest consumer electric bikes on the market today, the ST1 features all the goodies any enthusiast would want. A brief overview includes a sleek, matte black finish, aluminum frame with down tube battery enclosure, high end components (carbon fork with 20mm through axle, hydraulic front & rear brakes, Shimano XT drive train, Ultra Motor 500 watt hub drive, a whopping 522 watt hour battery pack, regenerative braking, & more. The end result is a smooth as butter ride with plenty of power. In essence it encompasses the feel of a plush BMW floating down the highway (minus the gas, noise, and large foot print of course).

The torque sensor is one of the smoothest we have ever felt, being very sensitive to rider input. Just a tap down on the pedals will send you on your way, while smart cut off brakes stop power during braking. The low slung battery pack keeps the weight low and centered. Although mid drives provide great hill climbing power for mountain bikes, we still prefer the hub system for urban commuting due to its simplicity and smoothness on the drive train.

It is really a one of a kind riding experience, combining all of latest Ebike technologies with what you would find comparable to a high end urban commuter bike.

*Also available is the city kit which includes fenders, a rear rack, and integrated lighting.