Considered by many as one of the most consumer approachable, full suspension electric mountain bikes, the Emotion Neo Jumper does not disappoint. First lets consider it's price point. At an MSRP of $4,099, this bike sits comparable to many high end (non electric) mountain bikes! As many of you probably already know, having a full suspension frame ups the cost dramatically in comparison to a hard tail mountain bike. The rear swing arm, linkage, and suspension geometry is no easy feat to dial in. But lets not get too off topic here. The Emotion Neo Jumper (BH, Easy Motion USA) features decently high end components (hydraulic disc brakes, Rock Shox remote lock out fork, Shimano drivetrain), combined with the electric assist system found on all Emotion bikes. The results is a very balanced and capable package for both on and off road. The integrated battery, lightweight 350 watt motor, and advanced torque sensor work seamlessly to give the rider full confidence when putting down the power!