New URBAN Plus with COBI Smartphone System

The all new Haibike Urban Plus Electric Bike has arrived! A little bit different than what we are used to from Haibike (mostly known for their high performance off road mountain bikes) but they really hit it out of the park on this one. The Urban Plus features an ultra sleek design from head to toe. Integrated down-tube battery, TranzX M25 mid-drive system, integrated fenders & lights and rear rack. The drive system is very powerful and is rated at 500 watts (high wattage rating for a mid-drive). Battery is at 500 watt hours at 48 volts. Speeds can reach up to 28mph making this a "speed pedalec" ebike. Bike components are also decently high end, featuring a crispy Shimano XT derailleur and Tektro Dorado hydraulic disc brakes. Wheels are a friendly 27.5" platform wrapped in very nice Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires. All high quality stuff wrapped up into a very clean package.

The real icing on the cake here is that the Urban Plus comes pre equipped with the fully smartphone integrated COBI system (see youtube video above for more details). This system alone costs around $500, so having it come with the bike out of the box adds tremendous value. The COBI (Connected Bike System) puts you and your smartphone as the center hub of your electric bike. Just download the app from the App Store (compatible with both Android and iPhone) and you're ready to go. There is a built in cradle at the mid point of the handle bars enabling you to insert any smart phone of your choice. Once you power on the bike, it will automatically sync up with your app and you're good to go. The left thumb pad will control the assist level as well as cycling through the menu. Essentially all of the features can be accessed with just the left thumb pad, allowing you to have full control while riding your bike.

GPS & offline maps are built in, allowing you to navigate directly from your hub. Input your destination and COBI will let you know which assist levels will be preferred for your distance. The fitness tab adds your body metrics (KCAL) in addition to heart rate with external sensors. RPM & cadence are built directly into the system. In addition, COBI can remotely control your music allowing you to skip tracks & adjust volume on the fly. 

And last but not least, one of our favorite features of the system is its built in alarm. Yes you heard us, a built in anti theft system! Just press the lower left lock icon in your app to lock your bike. If the bike gets tampered with, or moved without unlocking first, an internal alarm will sound off warding off any potential thieves. This features in addition to using a traditional lock should minimize any threats of your new bike getting stolen.

Go ahead and check out our youtube video review (posted above) or come by our store to go for a test ride! We are certain you will be just as blown away as we were with the Urban Plus!