Is commuting on an Ebike Safer?

City commuting on an electric bike! Looks like it could be downtown Honolulu...

City commuting on an electric bike! Looks like it could be downtown Honolulu...

Ah yes, the age old question. Is commuting on an electric bicycle actually safer than a regular pedal bike? The answer folks, for many people can actually be yes. Riding an electric bike for commuting purposes can many times be safer than only being propelled by human power alone. How can this be, you may ask? How can a bicycle with an electric motor actually be safer than riding along with my own two legs?

The answer lies within the heavy traffic roads of Oahu and steep elevation that many riders encounter when riding their bikes. As lovely as Oahu is, there is no denying the congested roads. For many of us commuting to work on a bicycle means avoiding dangerous traffic. To make matters worse, when climbing steep hills, the speed of a bicycle and the flow of traffic tends to spread further apart. Cars start whizzing by and making riders feel even more vulnerable. 

Lets look at the big picture here. An electric bicycle can be much safer (especially for less experienced riders) for commuting as it allows them to more easily ride at the flow of traffic. No more holding up a huge line of cars when climbing hills, and maintaining 20+ mph over long distances gives riders the confidence they need to actually choose riding a bike over driving their cars. The assist also allows for faster acceleration from a stop. Again allowing riders to more easily go with the flow of traffic instead of holding up angry commuters behind the wheel.

Here at Ebikes Hawaii we believe an electric bicycle to be the ultimate car replacement. We like to think outside the 4 wheel'd box. Think about how many Ebikes could fit into one parking stall, or how much less traffic we would have on our roads if more drivers would consider riding an assist bike to work or run errands. We feel it is our personal duty to educate each and every person on the benefits of an electric bicycle and how it can help shape our future. Mahalo!