Yamaha SDURO Review!

Haibike - SDURO All Mtn SL (Yamaha)

The wait is finally over. We are about halfway into 2016 and the majority of all Haibike SDURO models are now available! The Full-Fat Six is currently still delayed with it's front chain ring issue (dropping chains) but we have been assured by Brian Gilmore of Haibike USA that they are working diligently to remedy the issue. There are some available now in the warehouse with the new chainrings but they have not sifted through the complete inventory as of yet. The SDURO bikes have impressed us here at Ebikes Hawaii, offering a very high quality performance electric mountain at a reasonable price point. Take the All Mtn SL for example (pictured above). Full air adjustable suspension, 150mm front and rear travel, decent components, Yamaha's bullet proof mid drive, all priced at $3799. In general, a comparable XDURO Bosch Haibike will run you about $1000 more compared to it's SDURO Yamaha counterpart. The differences, you might ask? Technically speaking, the Bosch system provides about 10 to 15 newton meters more torque. The system is lighter, due to it's smaller form factory battery. Both packs provide the same capacity at 400 watt hours, capable of assisting riders far beyond their physical capability to ride the bike. A rumor'd 500 watt hour pack may arrive in 2017. We noticed that the Yamaha system provided instantaneous assist, providing power accurately and quickly with any input of a pedal stroke. The Bosch Gen 2, otherwise known as the Performance line has received a recent update giving it similar feel, while the XDURO 3 (Bosch Gen 3) systems come shipped with this update. One of the key differences is the ability to run a standard dual chainring setup on the SDURO, allowing riders to climb insane grades of hills (while still maintaining reasonable top speeds). The Bosch is limited to a single ring up front. All in all, we and our customers thoroughly enjoy the SDURO lineup, giving customers 90% of the XDURO experience at a much lower price point!