2015 Bosch XDURO Closeout

Haibike XDURO Sale & New SDURO Models Arriving!

2015 Bosch XDURO Closeout!
With the new 2016 models rolling in, now is the best time to get a great deal on a tried and true Bosch Gen 2 XDURO Haibike!
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XDURO Fat SIX - $4900 (Was $5800)
XDURO Full Seven - $4800 (Was $5700)
XDURO 29er - $3600 (Was $4100)

2016 Yamaha SDURO has arrived!

The long awaited, highly anticipated Yamaha SDURO lineup is finally here. We have just received our first batch of hard tails and expect the remaining lineup to trickle in through out the year. From what we have seen, the Yamaha drive is an excellent contender to the Bosch system. Offering features such as a dual front chain ring, zero cadence acceleration, and world renown reliability, the new system is here to stay. Best of all the SDURO price point starts much lower than that of the XDURO, opening the market for more riders to hop on!
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SDURO Hardtail's starting at $2900!

Our Easy Motion Instant Green rebate is still live till the end of this month! Purchase any current 350watt model and receive $400 in rebate cash.
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