Ebike Battery Care

Batteries have always been the make or break for any kind of electric vehicle. Although generally very resilient, we would like to take a moment and go over some basics in order to keep your electric bike humming along for many charges to come. Here are some frequent questions we get from customers.

How often should I charge my bike?
Optimal battery usage is normally between 10% and 90% charge. When completely draining out the pack it will stress the cells. This is the same for the opposite scenario. When fully charged to 100%, the pack will also be stressed.
As a general rule of thumb you want to avoid either constantly topping off your battery, or constantly draining it completely out.

I will be going on vacation for a while, what should I do?
If you're planning to go away for a while, don't worry! Each battery comes built in with a BMS (battery management system). The BMS will keep your pack balanced when charged, and will slowly drain the pack when not in use over long periods of time. Unless you are going away for more than a few months you should have nothing to worry about. Just make sure there is anywhere from 60% to 90% charge before you take off. Alternatively we can take care of your battery for you if you are leaving for extended periods of time.

How long will my battery last?
This last question can be very subjective and requires that many variables be taken into consideration. In general, manufacturers claim anywhere from 500-1000 cycles of full charge before life begins to noticeably taper off. An easier commute combined with a lighter rider at lower power levels will yield less stress on the battery, whereas a heavier set rider who is constantly climbing steep gradients will yield more stress on the battery. As a general rule of thumb, always try to use pedal assist when applicable, and ensure that you are in proper pedaling gear in order to assist the motor. Just a little bit of pedaling can go a long way on an Ebike !

Is there anything I can do to extend my battery life?
We are very excited to now be an official dealer of Grin Technologies. Their latest product, the Cycle Satiator (pictured below) can greatly extend the life of your Ebike battery. Some standout features include fast charging (up to 4x the speed of your current charger), adjustable voltage (can be used on just about any Ebike), real time statistics, and most notably the ability to satiate your charge to greatly extend battery life. In other words, the charger can be programmed to cut off at 90%, or keep your battery at optimal range when you are away from your bike for extended periods of time. Feel free to call or email us at any time to learn more!