Who Is Ebikes Hawaii?

Aloha Electric Bike enthusiasts! It all started very close to home with a simple dream from a father and son. With traffic, parking, and congestion issues growing on the island we asked ourselves- Why can't we ride bicycles more often for commuting, exercise, and exploring our surroundings? How can we replace our overpopulated, clunky polluting vehicles with something more practical? Here at Ebikes Hawaii, we believe that the electric bicycle is a crucial component in the next evolution of transportation. Ebikes promote a healthier way to travel for both the individual and environment. They are highly efficient, space saving, and cost almost nothing to operate. As of 2013, Ebikes Hawaii Corp. was born and what was once a dream has become a reality. Providing only the best products and services, we strive to increase awareness of the culture and benefits behind the electric bike movement.

Why Us?

Ebikes Hawaii is Oahu’s premiere electric bike store. We put our customers first before, during, and after the point of purchase of any of our items. We strive to provide the absolute best experience for you, because it’s important to us that you feel totally comfortable both before and after any purchase.

Ebikes Hawaii specializes 100% in electric bicycles. Our team has extensive experience working with Ebikes, and are knowledgable in eBike sales, service, and continued support.

Meet the Team.


John Cho,


John grew up and went to school in Seoul, Korea, where he studied French at University of Korea and Cal State Northridge. He has a son Roy (co-founder), a daughter Julie and 4 grandkids. John always has been passionate about scooters and bicycles as gas-powered vehicle alternatives in the beautiful islands of Hawai’i. John loves swimming and playing classical guitar on his days off. John dreams of a Hawai’i where all vehicles are electric and there are more bike trails and bike paths are everywhere around the islands.


Roy Cho,


Roy grew up in Orange County, California, and has a background in competitive athletics. He is Korean-American, and enjoys the culture of the island. Roy grew up surfing, and spent most of his extra time wrenching on and racing cars. To him, Ebikes are the perfect balance between motorsports and athletics, and expects to be passionate about electric bikes for many years to come.


Morgan Williams, eBike Service Manager

Morgan moved to Hawaii in the summer of 2018 from Canada. He grew up riding and maintaining bicycles and dirt bikes, and enjoys working on and riding Ebikes because it's a perfect blend of the two. Morgan loves getting out on his Ebike every chance he gets to explore everything Hawaii has to offer."


Emili Hercules,


Emili is from Austin, Texas and made her way to the islands with her passion for Ebikes. Her Ebike is her transportation all around the city, and she says she will never go back to driving a car.