What is an eBike?


Down to the Basics….

An electric bicycle (or ebike for short) is, at it’s truest form, a bicycle! What’s the difference? An eBike uses cadence support, a lithium-ion battery pack, a hub or central drive motor….. just kidding, it’s simple we promise.

An eBike supports you while you ride. It’s like having superman in your legs! Yes, you can get great exercise. Yes, you can tell the bike exactly how much you would like it to support or help you along. An Ebike makes your ride more fun and more possible. The motor in the bike combines with and adds to your effort while pedaling, and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack giving you miles and miles of range.

There is most definitely an eBike for everyone, every terrain and every commute. It’s all about finding what fits you.

Why an eBike?

So you finally brought home your new Ebike. You are now enabled to go faster, longer distances, and be super flexible with you long, short, easy or hard you want your commute to be. Ebikes allow you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Skip the parking fees (if you can even find a place to park) and the traffic, and enjoy a new, simplistic way to get around this beautiful island.

Get outside and get up close and personal with your surroundings! Fresh air, it’s good for ya. Exercise, its great for ya. Both, and getting the perfect amount of exercise with the touch of a button, unbeatable.


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What can I SAVE by owning and riding an eBike?


I went from paying roughly $700 a month for my car, insurance, and gas, parking etc to a one-time purchase of my new ebike. Now I just charge up my bike and go. and not only do I love how much money i’m saving, but its so refreshing to get out and ride.

-emili h.


its been a game changer. people don’t realize how much of a health benefit it is to be able to ride my Ebike instead of driving me car. I can just hop on my bike, set the assist and go. overall its just a path to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

-roy c.


It’s about reducing consumption and emissions right? eBikes are 100% electric and body powered. That means no gas, no oil, no carbon emission. Owning an Ebike might be one of THE best ways to reduce your footprint here in 2019.