Why an eBike?


The Basics

An electric bicycle (or ebike for short) is, at it’s truest form, a bicycle! What’s the difference? Simply put, an eBike uses cadence / torque support, a lithium-ion battery pack, a hub or mid-drive motor….. just kidding! it’s simple we promise.

An eBike supports you while you ride. It’s like having superman in your legs! Yes, you can still get great exercise. Yes, you can set the power mode to tell the bike exactly how much assist you need. An Ebike makes your ride more fun and opens up all new possibilities.

Never ridden an electric bike? It’s difficult to put into words- the feeling of riding a powered bicycle for the first time is something special. The power, efficiency, and ease of use will keep you smiling from ear to ear. It’s similar to the joy of riding a bicycle for the first time, just better! Climb hills with absolute ease, go long distances without wearing yourself out, and keep yourself (and your wallet) happy with a much more efficient means of getting around.

There is most definitely an eBike for everyone, and it’s all about finding what fits you.

Why an eBike?

Commuting. Ebikes give you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. Forget showing up to work sweaty on your 10 speed bike, or trying to climb up Hawaii’s steep ridges. For many of us, it’s unrealistic to do these things on a regular basis and sometimes life just gets in the way. So sometimes we hop into our gas guzzling cars just like everybody else. Crazy, isn’t it? Lucky for you, your friendly neighborhood ebike shop has a solution. Skip the parking fees, (if you can even find a place to park) traffic, and enjoy a new, simplistic way to get around this beautiful island.

Health benefits. Although it may seem counterintuitive, electric bikes can actually provide huge health benefits. Studies have shown that ebikes provide some of the best types of exercise for long term health. More specifically, moderate & regular excessive without over straining your body. You’d be surprised what an electric bike can do for your body & mind, especially when replacing times that you’d otherwise be sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Save Money. Yes the initial investment of an electric can be high. However once you pass that barrier, it’s all downhill. No car payments, no expensive maintenance, no insurance. It’s all benefits after taking the

Sustainability. It’s about reducing consumption and emissions right? eBikes are 100% electric and body powered. That means no gas, no oil, no carbon emission. Owning an Ebike might be one of THE best ways to reduce your footprint here in 2019.


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I went from paying roughly $700 a month for my car, insurance, and gas, parking etc to a one-time purchase of my new ebike. Now I just charge up my bike and go. and not only do I love how much money i’m saving, but its so refreshing to get out and ride.



its been a game changer. people don’t realize how much of a health benefit it is to be able to ride my Ebike instead of driving me car. I can just hop on my bike, set the assist and go. overall its just a path to a healthier and happier lifestyle.



"A Toyota Prius can get about 50 miles per gallon. Compare that to an electric bike, which runs on the equivalent of around 2,000 miles a gallon (on a dollar basis); meaning it's about 40 times more efficient.”