Riese & Muller - Homage


Riese & Muller - Homage


Pricing is based on entry level configuration. Does not include shipping to Hawaii ($300)

The Homage.
For the city. For the mountains. For everyone.

Life in the city is constantly moving. The Homage is designed to be one of the frontrunners in total relaxation. Thanks to the ingenious frame geometry, you can quickly get on your bike whenever you want. The optimised, suspended swing arm provides an exceptionally dynamic riding experience that only an E-Bike with perfectly tuned full suspension can offer. The design of the Homage is particularly clear-cut, with its striking lines and the integrated battery. Equipped with Riese & Müller's Control Technology, the Homage wins you over with outstanding riding comfort and maximum safety in any situation. And for those who want to go far away or high up, the DualBattery option offers completely new goals and undreamt-of possibilities.

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