Riese & Muller - Charger


Riese & Muller - Charger


Pricing is based on entry level configuration. Does not include shipping to Hawaii ($300)

The Charger.
For the daily commute. For the weekend. For the eyes.

The Charger wants to get out. Climb mountains with ease, compete with the wind, turn your daily commute into an adventure. And it wants to be seen. The integrated Bosch PowerTube battery allows the Charger's familiar, original design to come into its own – you can expect to see your colleagues watching you longingly from their cars. The Charger brings so much fun to everyday life that you'll be itching to throw in an extra trip at the weekend. The Charger, with its versatile configuration and high-quality components, is of course perfectly equipped for that, too.

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Financing available through Synchrony

  • As low as $188.98 per month (36 month financing at 9.99%).

  • 12 month 0% interest $477.22 per month.

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