Manoa Falls Bike & Hike

Ride away from Waikiki toward the mountains past the University of Hawaii into Manoa Valley. Follow the road up to the base of Manoa Falls trail for a 1.5 mile/2.4 km (total) hike through a lush rain forest. At the trail head is a 150 foot waterfall that falls into a tiny pond. The hike is moderately easy and muddy so make sure to bring closed-toe shoes.

Estimated Tour Time:

  • 4 hour Ride & Hike

  • 12.5 miles

DIRECTIONS: “Cross the street on Kapahulu Ave to get on the BIKE PATH and head towards the mountains. Cross the street again at the fire station on Paki Ave to take the bike path around the ALA WAI GOLF COURSE. Make a left once you cross the mini bridge at Laau Street. Follow the canal to University Ave. Make a right at University. Follow the bike lane past the UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII MANOA. University becomes Oahu Ave. The grade is going to incline until you reach the falls. Make a right at Manoa Road. Follow Manoa Road to the base of MANOA FALLS TRAIL. It’s a 3/4 mile hike to a 150 foot waterfall. Make sure to visit the LYON ARBORETUM while you are up there. After your hiking and exploring check out ANDY’S SANDWICHES on East Manoa Road by turning left on Lowery Ave from Manoa Road and then right onto E. Manoa Raod. They have good sandwiches and smoothies. Continue on E. Manoa Road to University Ave. Take a left onto University Ave and continue until it runs into the bike path at the Ala Wai Canal. Follow the canal and make a left at the McCully bridge. Turn left onto Kalakaua Ave to ride through Waikiki. If you would like to explore Magic Island make a right on Ala Moana Blvd. Follow the bike lane through Waikiki. Stay straight on Kalakaua Ave to cruise around Diamond Head Crater. Turn left on Kapahulu Ave and make another left at Lemon Road to return to the shop.”

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