With the growing number of direct to consumer brands / products available on the market, we would like to assist customers in Hawaii who are interested in purchasing bikes that are not available through local dealers.

Typically brands such as RAD Power Bikes & JUICED Bikes which are direct to consumer charge upwards of $4-500 on shipping for a single bike to Hawaii! Not to mention it can be very difficult coordinating the shipping logistics to begin with. Most mainland companies are a bit clueless in this department with transporting large lithium batteries to Hawaii. The bikes will still need assembly upon arrival which can also be a task without proper tools and equipment as electric bikes are much heavier than your typical acoustic bike. You certainly want things properly assembled and tuned before hitting the road.

Your friendly neighborhood electric bike store can assist you with our new Outside Brand Fulfillment program. Let us handle the Shipping, assembly, and long term support for the bike of your dreams. We simplify the whole process for you by making it easy from ordering to pickup. Just reach out to us and let us know which bike you are interested in, and we will take care of the rest!

Below are some of the most popular direct to consumer brands / bikes that we can help you bring to Hawaii.

Sur Ron from Luna Cycle

Ebikes from Rad Power Bikes

JUICED Electric Bikes