Introducing the all new Retroglide iE Electric Beach Cruiser by Raleigh


Some things, like a classic cruiser bicycle, never go out of style. The 7-speed Retroglide iE with step-through frame is everything you’ve always loved about cruisers — style, simplicity, comfort, value, and fun — now as an electric bike. It’s the best of both worlds: the ride you need as an adult (performs perfectly for your daily responsibilities like grocery shopping or heading to work) that makes you feel like a kid again. The 350W Currie Electro-Drive®/TranzX mid-motor system gives you plenty of power to flatten the hills, and turn headwinds into tailwinds, when you want that extra boost. With a long-range battery pack you can pedal to work and still fly around the neighborhood a couple of times afterwards, racing the sun to make it home in time for dinner.

The Rolls Royce of Electric Bikes NOW available for rental



The myth, the legend, the Stromer ST2 is HERE, and NOW available for you to try out!

We are happy to announce a special addition to our electric bike rental fleet here in Honolulu.

The latest and greatest in Electric bike technology has found its way to Oahu! Having won awards at both Eurobike and Taipei Cycle, the ST2 lives up to its Swiss built "tank-like" reputation down to the last detail. For those of you that don't know, this ebike has broken barriers in both design and technology, the first of it's kind to produce 93 miles of range, up to 28 mph of pedal-assisted speed, 750W of engine power and 35 nm of torque, all in an ebike that can cruise down any old bike lane!

We have tested this Swiss workhorse this summer, successfully riding from our Town bike shop all the way to Chinaman's Hat on just one battery. There is nothing like riding 28 mph on a bike that sends it's rider on a high-speed, exhilarating ebike experience that you  must try to understand.

Its Schwalbe "BigBen tires", puncture-proof and smooth as butter, help transform this 57.3-pound rocket into a smooth, road conquering vehicle that provides a similar feeling as an amusement park ride would. Don't discount the fact that the ST2 is pedal assist, still giving it's rider some exercise and endorphins, and disavowing any claims that you might be "cheating" by riding an electric bike.

The ST2 is available for rental from our Kapahulu bike shop, check out our "RENT A BIKE!" section to get more information on pricing, availability or call our rental office at (808) 744-4886 for more information. Mahalo!

Ocean Current

Incoming! The Juiced Ocean Current is about to make a huge splash here on Oahu. Starting at just $1499 (Hazmat Shipping fee to Hawaii included), this electric cruiser is one of the most compelling value purchases we have offered to date. Sure there are other inexpensive electric bikes on the market- however Juiced is the only one who has managed to deliver this level of quality at the sub $1500 price point. 

As fate would have it, one of very first products that inspired us to begin our Ebike venture was the Juiced ODK 3 Cargo Bike (see below).

The ODK3 Cargo with it's massive battery range of up to 100 miles distance.

The ODK3 Cargo with it's massive battery range of up to 100 miles distance.

The ODK3 cargo bike was and remains to be a very unique product with incredible value. Some of you may even be familiar with this bike as Honolulu's Domino's Pizza delivery vehicle. Currently 3 locations are using the ODK as their main mode of delivering pizza! 

Tora Harris (owner of Juiced Bikes and former olympic high jumper) has stuck with the value formula that worked so well with the ODK and is now building an army of quality, low priced electric bicycles for everyone to enjoy. We are currently waiting the Ocean Currents to arrive (comes in both low & high step models) and will be acting as sole disturber for Oahu and all outer Hawaiian islands!

We will also be carrying the Cross-Current, Cross-Current Air, and out of this world Hyper-Fat models in the months to come. All of these models come with modular 48v battery systems paired with 500 watt geared hub motors. Plenty of power, speed & range to replace your gas guzzling vehicle. For the enthusiasts, there are upgraded battery options available all the way up to 21 Amp hours. Yes thats right, 21 Amp hours. That means up to 100 miles distance on a single charge. Who needs a car at that point, right?


Here is one tool that will allow you to cheat yourself away from a car.

Here is one tool that will allow you to cheat yourself away from a car.

Every now and then we hear from other "hardcore" bike riders- hey, thats cheating! 

Never has this idea perplexed us more. Let me preface this story by stating that in our experience, the majority of the Ebike community here in Hawaii (and also what we have seen on the mainland) are not your standard, for a lack of a better term, sport bike rider.

No ladies and gentlemen, your average Ebike rider is often times using their wonderful little machine as a TOOL. Just like hard core exercise bike riders use their bicycles as a tool to get their bodies into shape- the Ebiker smartly uses his or her Electric bicycle to efficiently get from point A to point B.

Most importantly, the indigenous Ebiker chooses the electric bike over driving a gas guzzling vehicle. Whereas often time we see the traditional cyclist riding their bike solely for exercise- and then commuting to work on their automobile- the intelligent Ebiker replaces ALL commutes with a single electric bike.

Don't get us wrong, we truly love and respect the idea of a simple light weight and efficient pedal bicycle. We are simply confused at how they are compared to and looked down upon some of those in the "hardcore community." That like using an Abacus (see here) and comparing it to someone using a calculator! Hey that machine is doing the work for you!

Perhaps we should all still be using Rickshaw's (see here) because automobiles that "do the work for us" to get from point A to point B is cheating. The point I am trying to make here is that while Ebikes are certainly something new and super cool (people always react to new things/technology in different ways) they are certainly not the "enemy."

Electric bicycles are efficient, silent, eco-friendly, and most importantly unbelievably FUN to ride. It's like CHEATING- in the best possible way. They are TOOLS that can help enhance our lives, enable riders of different skill levels to use bicycles as functional vehicles in their day to day lives (without destroying the environment).

Anyway, this rant is getting quite long. So I think we will wrap it up here. Long live the Ebike!!!

-Your friendly neighborhood Ebike enthusiast

Tern is making MOVES

Tern eLink D7i

Tern has stepped up their game with two all new electric mid-drive folding bikes! The eLink pairs Tern's award winning folding bike platform with one of the best value mid-drive systems on the market. The tried and true Bafang BBS system offers efficient power for hill climbing and extended rides where hub systems fall short. Welcome to the world of portable electric mobility! For more information including specs please click here


Bafang BBS Mid-Drive

Bafang BBS Mid-Drive

Considered to be one of the best value mid-drive systems on the market, the Bafang BBS drive is the heart of the D7i.

Elegant Folding Design

Elegant Folding Design

Tern bikes fold small and fast in 3 easy steps. It is simple enough for anybody to master.


Portable, powerful, and elegant, the Vektron steps up the folding Ebike to a whole new level. Combining the latest in electric drive technology with Tern's mastery in folding bicycles, the Vektron is truly a sigh to behold. For more information please click here

Bosch Active Drive Unit

Its high-performance electronics, whisper-quiet operation, and low-levels of vibration are remarkable—especially given the lightweight, ergonomic design.

One Size Fits All

Resizes in seconds to fit riders 147 – 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”) so a single bike can be shared by the family.

Cargo Node

It’s a full-sized cargo bike, yet it folds down to 1/3rd its total volume in only ten seconds! It’s designed to fit in an elevator, so it’s easy to store in an apartment or condo. It’s the ultimate transportation solution for people who want to live car-free. Now officially approved for kid-carrying. Click here for more info.

For pre-orders please call

(808) 722-5454 Honolulu
(808) 784-1055 Kapolei

2017 Brompton Updates

All new 2017 Black Edition

All new 2017 Black Edition

Brompton has further refined their iconic folding bike this year.

Ergonomic bell, shifter and brake lever integration: We've completely redesigned our gear shifters for easier transitions with a new mechanism. The shifters and the brass bell have been fitted into the brake lever making them within easy reach.

Evolved handlebar shape: A change to the handlebar rise has allowed for longer grips, giving a more comfortable ride and a more modern look.

Lock on grips: Easier to change and allowing you to further customize your Brompton.

Updated colour options: Fun and colour are part of owning a Brompton and now there’s even more choice. We’ve added two new colours, a more vibrant red and a stylish grey. Plus, colours no longer incur a charge so you can have whatever combination you desire without extra cost.

Collaboration with Cateye for new USB saddle light:  A Cateye custom mount for a USB chargeable Rapid Mini Light, allowing more visibility for city riding.

Wider saddle option: Brompton saddles are now available in two different saddle widths of Standard and Wide for extra comfort for all riders. This is particularly beneficial to H type handlebar users, providing more support for the upright position.

The elegant tri-fold design of the Brompton is second to none.

The elegant tri-fold design of the Brompton is second to none.

The Best Bike Rental Fleet on the Island

Come one, come all is the motto of our new bike rental fleet. We know that everyone has preference when it comes to hitting the road on two wheels. Whether you prefer the comfort of a beach cruiser, the zooming power of an electric bike, or a suspension to cushion your trail ride, our bike rental fleet is brimming with options.

Let us introduce you to our newest additions to the Ebikes Hawaii bike rental family:

Trail Blazing- Mountain Bikes

If flying down a hills and dodging rocks on two wheels is your desire, we have 2 impressive mountain bikes that will get you off the road and blazing the trails. Oahu definitely has a lot of great Mountain Bike trails.                                                                                                              

Trek Mountain bike 820 series

Ready to take on rough pavement, light trails, or both, this rental bike has a 74mm full suspension fork for absorbing a bumpy ride

The Red Cannondale “Raven” Mountain Bike

We like the shape of the frame and the energizing red color scheme. This bike will cushion your ride with full suspension and good gripping tires.

“All Purpose Riding” Bike Rentals

Electric bike All Purpose: The UNO Ebike by Zen Ride

The Uno by Zen Ride. Our fan favorite, user-friendly, zippy, stylin’, and ready to ride on all terrain thanks to it’s thick, durable tires.  Removable child seat available from both our locations.


Non-electric All Purpose: The Giant "Cypress DX" Medium


Stats: Medium size frame perfect for 5’6”- 6’1” riders
Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
Front suspension for and control
Upright position

Our “Award Winner” Bike Rentals                                 

Non-electric Bike Award Winner: The Brompton Foldable                        

The Brompton Bike, individually hand-crafted from London, is one of our all time favorite rental bikes, it’s worth mentioning again and again. Although not new to our fleet, the Brompton is a folding masterpiece that always offers our rental guests a unique and compact riding experience.

Electric Bike Award Winner: The Stromer ST1

“One of the Greats” Since 2009 we have watched the Swiss born, Stromer, defy the common pattern of ebike engineering, and produce a powerful machine that is above all, extremely fun to ride. The ST1 has integrated lights and its powerful motor will have you reaching top speeds of 28 MPH. Rental guests can Joy-ride 40-60 miles on a single battery

So you’ve meet some of our bike rental fleet!
Check out all of our rental bike options by clicking the green RENT A BIKE! button on your screen

 Mahalo in advance for choosing Ebikes Hawaii and for allowing us to add some ALOHA to your next bike renting experience.

If you have any questions about our rental bikes, please e-mail us at

All new 2017 models coming in hot!


We have a very exciting new shipment coming in! High performance mid-drive mountain bikes, an all new ultra compact folder from Blix, & more. First up, we are introducing the all new 2017 Haibike SDURO models with the Hard Seven 4.0. Featuring Yamaha's incredible value mid-drive system paired with the all new 500 watt hour (was 400) batteries this package is very sweet. The SDURO lineup has always been known to be more affordable than the Bosch counterpart XDURO lineup and this bike is no different. Priced at $2799

Hard Seven 4.0

Hard Seven 4.0

Next up we have new offerings from Blix. The ultra compact Vika Travel & Aveny model. The Vika Travel sports 16" wheels making it very easy to pack up and stow away. Whether you are limited on space at home, or need something to fold up and toss in your car this is a great option. 

Blix Vika Travel

Blix Vika Travel

Also new to our Blix collection is the Aveny City bike. The Aveny features all of the goodies from the Komfort model, but with a built in front & rear rack. Great for around town, leisure riding, groceries, & more.

Blix Aveny

Blix Aveny

Juiced Riders are now back in stock! Coming in with our latest shipment of Domino's delivery bikes, we will be showcasing the ODK U350 & ODK U500 models. Starting at $1999, the Juiced is just about most affordable and functional electric cargo bike out there.

Juiced Riders ODK

Juiced Riders ODK

2016 iZip Dash bikes are back in stock!
Featuring the powerful TranzX 48 volt mid drive system, the Dash is capable of climbing the steepest of hills with ease. Pedal assist will get you up to 28mph on the flats makes this one very capable Ebike! Outfitted with fenders & integrated lighting.

2016 iZip Dash

2016 iZip Dash

Electric Bike Rentals

Oahu is the gathering place for over 9 million residents and visitors each year. Oahu is full of rich and royal history, has miles of golden beaches, perfect waves, constant sunshine, tropical breezes, world-class shopping, and delectable foods you can’t get anywhere else in the world.  In order to maximize your time and experience all your must-dos on Oahu, renting electric bikes is the answer!

Electric bikes are a growing trend in many cities around the world. Their ability to look like a regular bike, but ride like a high-powered scooter,  makes them an instant must-try. The feeling of an Ebike shooting you up a steep hill while you are pedaling with minor effort, is unlike anything you have experienced before.  Oahu has some of the worst traffic in the United States. We recommend alternatively, bike lanes, bike routes, and hidden trails and streets that will get our bike rental guests to many beautiful spots without the headache and limitations that driving on Oahu presents.

The electric bikes we carry are high end, and are of the highest quality you will find on the market today. They are advanced in both structure and electric technology, and come to our showrooms from many different countries. All our ebikes are capable of speeds up to 20 MPH, can last for up to 30 miles using one battery, and offer that warm weather, “only in Hawaii” experience visitors are looking for. Rental guests can enjoy taking in the sights, stopping at their favorite food spots, beach hopping

We are the only carrier on Oahu to proudly offer foldable Brompton bikes from London England. These are extremely compact, light-weight, one-of-a-kind, and the most portable bike you will ever see. We offer full day and weekly Brompton rentals for those looking for a non-electric rental option. 

Our guests’ favorite electric bike rental is our exclusive Ebikes Hawaii in-house brand ebike, the Uno by Zen ride. This bike is so user-friendly, and powerfully equipped with a Samsung lithium battery that is hidden inside the frame. Rental guests can enjoy the three power options the Uno has to offer. Four levels of pedal assist will allow the rider to have the same “ride a regular bike” feeling with the added power of the electric motor kicking in automatically as you pedal. If riders want to be lazy and enjoy the throttle, convienently located on the handlebar, a quick twist of the wrist will activate the motor with a surge of power, and the bike will just go go go.

Years of dedicated Swiss design and engineering have led to the creation of the Stromer ST1, our prized, high performing electric powerhouse. Rental guests can enjoy the thrill of sheer power best by escaping off the grid to the tantalizing beauty of Tantulus and Round Top Drive, a paved road bike loop that climbs miles high to one of Oahu’s best scenic views of the city of Honolulu.

Rental guests who are daring enough to blaze some of the hidden bike trails that weave in and out of the hundreds of ridges and valleys on the south and eastern shores, the German bred Hai Bike XDURO electric mountain bike is just the ticket.  

Ebikes Hawaii Kapolei is now open!

Now with 3 locations to better serve our patrons- Honolulu, Hickam AFB, and Kapolei

Now with 3 locations to better serve our patrons- Honolulu, Hickam AFB, and Kapolei

The wait is finally over! Ebikes Hawaii Kapolei is now open to the public. Located near Costco and Kapolei Commons, our new location showcases select brands with a spacious warehouse to back it up. Currently we are offering Brompton, Haibike, Stromer, and Easy Motion brands with more to come in the future. Our new store will serve as a multi purpose platform for future endeavors, allowing us to better serve our customers in keeping this electric revolution rolling.

Ebikes Hawaii Kapolei

(808) 784-1055
2116 Lauwiliwili Street 106F
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

Yamaha SDURO Review!

Haibike - SDURO All Mtn SL (Yamaha)

The wait is finally over. We are about halfway into 2016 and the majority of all Haibike SDURO models are now available! The Full-Fat Six is currently still delayed with it's front chain ring issue (dropping chains) but we have been assured by Brian Gilmore of Haibike USA that they are working diligently to remedy the issue. There are some available now in the warehouse with the new chainrings but they have not sifted through the complete inventory as of yet. The SDURO bikes have impressed us here at Ebikes Hawaii, offering a very high quality performance electric mountain at a reasonable price point. Take the All Mtn SL for example (pictured above). Full air adjustable suspension, 150mm front and rear travel, decent components, Yamaha's bullet proof mid drive, all priced at $3799. In general, a comparable XDURO Bosch Haibike will run you about $1000 more compared to it's SDURO Yamaha counterpart. The differences, you might ask? Technically speaking, the Bosch system provides about 10 to 15 newton meters more torque. The system is lighter, due to it's smaller form factory battery. Both packs provide the same capacity at 400 watt hours, capable of assisting riders far beyond their physical capability to ride the bike. A rumor'd 500 watt hour pack may arrive in 2017. We noticed that the Yamaha system provided instantaneous assist, providing power accurately and quickly with any input of a pedal stroke. The Bosch Gen 2, otherwise known as the Performance line has received a recent update giving it similar feel, while the XDURO 3 (Bosch Gen 3) systems come shipped with this update. One of the key differences is the ability to run a standard dual chainring setup on the SDURO, allowing riders to climb insane grades of hills (while still maintaining reasonable top speeds). The Bosch is limited to a single ring up front. All in all, we and our customers thoroughly enjoy the SDURO lineup, giving customers 90% of the XDURO experience at a much lower price point!

2015 Bosch XDURO Closeout

Haibike XDURO Sale & New SDURO Models Arriving!

2015 Bosch XDURO Closeout!
With the new 2016 models rolling in, now is the best time to get a great deal on a tried and true Bosch Gen 2 XDURO Haibike!
Click here for more info.

XDURO Fat SIX - $4900 (Was $5800)
XDURO Full Seven - $4800 (Was $5700)
XDURO 29er - $3600 (Was $4100)

2016 Yamaha SDURO has arrived!

The long awaited, highly anticipated Yamaha SDURO lineup is finally here. We have just received our first batch of hard tails and expect the remaining lineup to trickle in through out the year. From what we have seen, the Yamaha drive is an excellent contender to the Bosch system. Offering features such as a dual front chain ring, zero cadence acceleration, and world renown reliability, the new system is here to stay. Best of all the SDURO price point starts much lower than that of the XDURO, opening the market for more riders to hop on!
Click here here to learn more

SDURO Hardtail's starting at $2900!

Our Easy Motion Instant Green rebate is still live till the end of this month! Purchase any current 350watt model and receive $400 in rebate cash.
Click here to see our full Easy Motion Lineup!