Unagi Electric Scooter

Introducing an all new product category. The electric Scooter has arrived! Yes it’s taken us awhile. We have seen a lot on the roads between the failed Lime scooters that launched briefly in Honolulu, folks who purchased them directly online through retails which may or may not be a able to ship to Hawaii (once again due to the lithium battery). One thing is for sure, the electric scooter has its place in the transportation game and we have decided to jump in!

The Unagi electric scooter is a product that we would be proud to own and ride ourselves. The design is second to none with an aesthetic that could be sold straight from an Apple store. Aside from its looks, the Unagi is POWERFUL. Dual hub motors nominally rated at 450watts, and a peak output of a whopping 900 watts. That is serious hill climbing power. To compare, the most powerful single motor scooters peak out at around 500-600w.

It’s also surprisingly light, at under 25lbs for the dual motor variant- thanks to the aluminum deck, carbon fiber neck, and magnesium handlebars. The folding latch is also dead simple to use, and is the best we have seen in the industry. For the $1100 price point scooter (mid-range to premium category, yes there are “high performance” electric scooters reaching the $2,000 price point), we feel that Unagi has hit the mark on this one. Additional features include built in head light, tail light, purpose built airless tires, and a built in horn.

Check out our photos, and quick first take youtube video for more info!