The Best Bike Rental Fleet on the Island

Come one, come all is the motto of our new bike rental fleet. We know that everyone has preference when it comes to hitting the road on two wheels. Whether you prefer the comfort of a beach cruiser, the zooming power of an electric bike, or a suspension to cushion your trail ride, our bike rental fleet is brimming with options.

Let us introduce you to our newest additions to the Ebikes Hawaii bike rental family:

Trail Blazing- Mountain Bikes

If flying down a hills and dodging rocks on two wheels is your desire, we have 2 impressive mountain bikes that will get you off the road and blazing the trails. Oahu definitely has a lot of great Mountain Bike trails.                                                                                                              

Trek Mountain bike 820 series

Ready to take on rough pavement, light trails, or both, this rental bike has a 74mm full suspension fork for absorbing a bumpy ride

The Red Cannondale “Raven” Mountain Bike

We like the shape of the frame and the energizing red color scheme. This bike will cushion your ride with full suspension and good gripping tires.

“All Purpose Riding” Bike Rentals

Electric bike All Purpose: The UNO Ebike by Zen Ride

The Uno by Zen Ride. Our fan favorite, user-friendly, zippy, stylin’, and ready to ride on all terrain thanks to it’s thick, durable tires.  Removable child seat available from both our locations.


Non-electric All Purpose: The Giant "Cypress DX" Medium


Stats: Medium size frame perfect for 5’6”- 6’1” riders
Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
Front suspension for and control
Upright position

Our “Award Winner” Bike Rentals                                 

Non-electric Bike Award Winner: The Brompton Foldable                        

The Brompton Bike, individually hand-crafted from London, is one of our all time favorite rental bikes, it’s worth mentioning again and again. Although not new to our fleet, the Brompton is a folding masterpiece that always offers our rental guests a unique and compact riding experience.

Electric Bike Award Winner: The Stromer ST1

“One of the Greats” Since 2009 we have watched the Swiss born, Stromer, defy the common pattern of ebike engineering, and produce a powerful machine that is above all, extremely fun to ride. The ST1 has integrated lights and its powerful motor will have you reaching top speeds of 28 MPH. Rental guests can Joy-ride 40-60 miles on a single battery

So you’ve meet some of our bike rental fleet!
Check out all of our rental bike options by clicking the green RENT A BIKE! button on your screen

 Mahalo in advance for choosing Ebikes Hawaii and for allowing us to add some ALOHA to your next bike renting experience.

If you have any questions about our rental bikes, please e-mail us at